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A few years ago, four boys with different haircuts and methods of self-expression but similar musical tastes and general outlooks on life found that placing their preferred instruments side by side and producing a big noise was more exciting and interesting than anything else they had thus far done with themselves, and the result was a new band called Eraserhead. In a large, unfinished basement in Aurora, Illinois Eraserhead set to work on developing their sound. What they came up with is hard to pin down, as cacophonous punk rock coalesced with the lilting melodies and harmonies of folk and pop, and blues walked on arm in arm with metal while grunge looked on smiling. After writing many songs and rehearsing them at a higher volume than was likely necessary, Alex Rosales (drums), Eric Renner (bass), Eddy Bartolotta (guitar), and Ben Rosales (vocals/guitar) decided it was time to engage in public performances where they throw themselves headlong and soul-first into their music in paroxyms of exuberant exposition. At the end of 2016 they released their long-awaited first EP ERASERHEAD, which showcases their sonic diversity through songs as musically multifarious as the infectious "Oh Violet" and the powerful "Drop in the Bucket." With an incredibly energetic live show and a batch of songs that nod reverently to the great hard rock of the past while pursuing surprising new original musical ideas into the future, Eraserhead is a band you do not want to miss.    



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